March 2013 Newsletter


Mishel Greenberg is 92-years-old and lives with his wife, Bernice, in Teaneck, New Jersey. Mishel studied art at Cooper Union and graduated in 1940. Among the dignitaries at his graduation was J.P. Morgan, Jr. (who was a trustee of Cooper Union and died in 1943). Mishel even had the opportunity to shake hands with Mr. Morgan. After Cooper, Mishel had a career as a package designer, and continued to create art post-retirement. What is really special and amazing about Mishel is that he has mastered advanced computer programs and uses them to create art works in a new media – video art. One of these programs is Adobe Flash, which permits him to combine art with music. Mishel has been posting some of the videos that he has been creating in Flash on YouTube. READ MORE


Ed Hawthorne started his career as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Shortly after earning his Masters and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering, he joined the aerospace industry where he spent three decades contributing to NASA and defense programs as The Chief Scientist for Space Programs at Hughes Aircraft. He later was awarded the Cooper Union President's Citation and joined the Alumni Hall of Fame. He also remained a prominent member of the Sarah Amelia Hewitt Society along with his wife of 65 years, Lillian. Ed passed away at his California home on July 17, 2012, two months short of his 91st birthday. He is survived by his two loving daughters, Fran Hawthorne and Barbara Probst.  READ MORE


Margaret Matz has 20 years of experience designing new, sustainable renovation projects for academic institutions, health care institutions, and corporate and retail organizations. She is fluent in English, French, Hindi, Spanish and Venetian. In 2010, she founded Milestone Architecture PLLC  a global architectural and design practice, based in New York and with representatives in India, Italy, and Turkey. READ MORE


In the coming weeks, you will be receiving the Official Ballot for the Cooper Union Alumni Association Elections in your inboxes and mailboxes. Those will need to be filled-out and submitted to the Office of Alumni Affairs by May 1, 2013. As a preview, we're providing a list of this year's candidates, along with the names and bios for the 2013/2014 Executive Committee Nominees. 

2013-2014 Executive Committee (1-year term):


John Leeper, AR '85  
John is a construction executive who was instrumental in the construction of the Time Warner Center, the Fulton Street Transit Center and the September 11 Memorial, among other projects. He served as CUAA Secretary/Treasurer and on the Editorial and John Q. Hejduk Award committees. He co-chaired the 2006 Founder’s Day Dinner Dance. John participates in Phonathon and Engineering Career Evening. He is one half of a Cooper Couple with Gilly Youner A’82.  


Rocco Cetera, CE ''99  
Rocco is a Senior Project Manager for the Port Authority of NY&NJ. He is a licensed engineer in the State of New York, a certified Project Management Professional and a LEED Accredited Professional. He has a Masters in Public Administration from Columbia University. His efforts for the CUAA have always striven to create a more vibrant alumni community through events. He currently serves as the VP/Alumni Activities and co-chair of the Events Committee. As VP, he has overseen the planning and execution of the Alumni Film Festival, Founders Day Celebrations, and the many different Pop-Up/Meet-Up Activities planned, produced and run by alumni. In 2011, he helped organize Free Cooper Union!: A Community Summit, the first alumni forum in response to the financial crisis, as well as the subsequent community forums. In 2009, he was named Young Alumnus of the Year. 


Lawrence Hausman, EE '94  
Lawrence is Senior Engineer and Department Head of the Control Components Group at MITEQ, Inc., a mid-size electronics manufacturing company on Long Island. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in multiple states, a registered US Patent Agent and Principal of L Stuart, Inc. He is Chairman of the Long Island Section of the IEEE Communications Society and a member of the Adjunct Faculty of the Electrical Engineering department at The Cooper Union. Lawrence is currently serving as the Vice-President Faculty/Student Liaison of the Cooper Union Alumni Association, on the Executive Committee and serves on the Constitution Committee. 


Robert Tan, AR '81  
Robert is a Partner at Gerrard+Tan Architects. He serves on the Alumni Council and the Annual Fund and Nominating committees. He has served as Co-Chair of the Annual Fund Committee. He and Judy Gerrard AR’83 were co-chairs of the 2009 Founder’s Day Dinner Dance. He currently serves as CUAA Secretary/Treasurer.  


Kathryn Mc-Graw Berry AR ’80   
Kathryn is the Principal of Kathryn McGraw Berry AIA, since the firm was founded in 1986. Her work has been published in major architectural venues, such as Architectural Record and The New York Times. Her firm was the recipient of an AIA Honor Award for Interiors, and has maintained a lively and diverse practice, ranging in recent years from a Sales office in Tianjin, China, to a family compound consisting of four houses in northern Long Island. Her commissions have included projects for Donald Trump, Keith Richards and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. She has served on the Board and Advisory Council of the New York Landmarks Conservancy. She served on the Public Policy and Lucy G. Moses Awards Committee for sixteen years in her role as a member of the New York Landmarks Conservancy. She has served as Co-chair of the CUAA Annual Fund Committee and on the Inaugural Alumni Film Festival Planning Committee. She has served on the Alumni Council on and off for the past twenty-five years as well as the Annual Fund and John Q. Hejduk Award committees. She is Class Rep AR ’80. Her work may be viewed on her website, 

*The Alumni Trustee (4-year term) represents the voice of the CUAA and alumni body to the Board of Trustees and communicates the actions of the Board to the CUAA as appropriate

2016 Alumni Council (3-year term):

The Alumni Council is the representative body of Cooper Union alumni, and members hold three-year terms. The Alumni Council is responsible for supporting and implementing the goals of The Cooper Union Alumni Association. Each council member is required to serve as a member or chair of a council committee, to nominate council candidates and alumni representatives to faculty and administrative

Edward Abaid CE’76 · Nicholas Agneta AR’80 · Xenia Diente A’99 · Jeanne Greco A’80 · Jason Paul Guzman A’00 · Kathleen Irwin ChE’99 · Sangamithra Iyer CE’99 · Dennis Kong IDE ’08 · Jozef Krakora EE’97 · Juan Permuy EE’70 · Julian LaVerdiere A’93 · Zhao Feng Jeffrey Mah EE’04 · Annabel Roberts-McMichael A’10 · Bruce G. Nelligan AR’80 · Pavel Nikulin CE’06 · Kelly O’Keefe A’82 · Karen Sandler BSE’97 · Karina Tipton CE’99 · Theo Stewart-Stand A’ 99 · Noemi Charlotte Thieves A’11 · Alvin Wald EE’55 · Curtis Wayne AR’75 · Rachel Whitlow A’94 · Kenny Yeung EE’94  

Nominating Committee (1-year term):

The Nominating Committee is composed of the two most recent past presidents and 10 elected members. They will be responsible for nominating the Executive Committee slate for 2013/2014. 

Nicholas Agneta AR ’80 · Rachel Appel A ’12 · Carmi Bee AR ’67 · Don Blauweiss A ’61 · Melanie Chung CE ’07 · John Clarke AR ’66 · Xenia Diente A ’99 · Mina Greenstein A ’56 · Mary Lynch ChE ’82 · Edmundo Majchrzyk A ’09 · Larry Ng EE ’78 · John Roswell ME ’69 · Carl Selinger CE ’67 · Karina Tipton CE ’99 ·Don Toman EE ’55 · Willard Warren EE '50  




Volunteers hard at work fundraising in the Menschel Boardroom for Phonathon 2013. Photo by Rocco Cetera, CE '99.

Cooper's annual week-long spring break Phonathon brought together alumni, students, parents, friends and staff  and raised more than $125,000 in gifts and pledges. To maintain the momentum, we are inviting everyone in the community back on a monthly basis. Save the date for calling Tuesdays, 6:00-9:00 pm, on April 16, May 21, and June 11. Please note that calling will be held in 30 Cooper Square, 8th Floor. To RSVP email


Michael C. Wagner, ChE ’02 and Dr. Daniel Lepek, ChE ’04 at AICHE Meeting on March 18, 2013.

Michael C. Wagner ChE ’02 and Dr. Daniel Lepek ChE ’04 gave a presentation titled "Beyond the B.S. - P.E. (first step - F.E.), or M.S./Ph.D, or M.B.A.?" to the NY Metro section of the AICHE on March 18, 2013 at the Pfizer Building in Manhattan. Thirty engineers attended including Cooper alumni and Cooper students. Michael is a Project Manager at ERM and a P.E. He has a Masters in Engineering Management from Duke University. Dan is an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Cooper Union. He has a PhD from New Jersey Institute of Technology.


Margaret Matz, AR '83, Wes Rozen, AR '05, Angela Antoniu (Parent), Ashley Reed, BSE '05, Alexis Lenza, CE '05, and Rocco Cetera, CE '99

Wes Rozen, AR '05, Partner at SITU Studios, led a short talk to alumni on their award-winning Times Square Valentine Heart Design, Heartwalk, on Thursday, March 7, 2013. Using boardwalk boards salvaged during Sandy’s aftermath—from Long Beach, New York; Sea Girt, New Jersey; and Atlantic City, New Jersey—Heartwalk begins as two ribbons of wooden planks that fluidly lift from the ground to form a heart shaped enclosure in the middle.  The slatted construction, illuminated from within, provides varied views of the interior as visitors move around the perimeter of the installation. Heartwalk recently moved from Times Square to a location in DUMBO and will be on display through April 30th in the Pearl Street Triangle (Water Street and Pearl Street).  

Alumni and friends in attendance include: Wes Rozen, AR '05 (Situ Studio's principal and CU grad who led the tour/discussion), Adel Assal, Angela Assal (Cooper applicant for Fall 2013), Gary Kazin, ChE '69, Ashley Reed, BSE '05, Rocco Cetera, CE '99, Angela Antoniu (Parent), Margaret Matz, AR '83 (Event Committee co-chair for the event), and Alexis Lenza, CE '05 (Event Committee co-chair for the event). 


(Article by Rocco Cetera CE '99 and Karina Tipton CE '99)

Board of Trustees at The Great Hall Community Forum on March 1, 2013. Photo by Rocco Cetera, CE '99.

On Friday, March 1, 2013, the Cooper Union Board of Trustees held a forum in the Great Hall with the Cooper Union Community in response to the Cooper Union Alumni Association Council’s request on January 9 that: “ ... the Cooper Union Board of Trustees conduct a series of public forums in the Great Hall, to engage the Cooper Community on the critical issues confronting us today. The first forum should be held before the next board meeting.”
The full resolution can be found here. In advance of the meeting, a Google document was made available for the Community to post questions for the Board members to consider. Over 150 questions were posted in the one week period that the document was open.

On the night of the forum, the Great Hall was filled by nearly 500 faculty, alumni, students and staff. At least 82 alumni and 7 parents were present and over 100 attendees joined via livestream. The livestream was archived and can be viewed here.

At the dais, the following board members were present: Cooper Union President Jamshed Bharucha, Ray Falci ME '86, Michael Borkowsky ME '61, Francois De Menil AR '87, Vice Chairman of the Board, Edgar Mokuvos EE ’78, Mark Epstein A '76, Chairman of the Board, Thomas Driscoll ME '77, Don Blauweiss A ’61. The event was moderated by Edgar Mokuvos EE’78, who was recently elected to serve a three year term of Alumni Trustee to represent the CUAA on the Board. Trustees Richard S. Lincer, Daniel Okrent, Rachel L. Warren, and former alumni representative trustee Audrey Flack A’51 were present in the front row.
Michael Borkowsky ME'61, started the event with a short presentation on the financial history. He described the financial history of The Cooper Union from 1859 through present day, drawing conclusions related to long-term operational deficits, the impact of the capital campaign and historic development efforts, and the lack of public awareness and marketing of the unique character and widespread contributions of The Cooper Union.
After setting the stage, Mokuvos proceeded to move through selected questions from the Google document by posing each question to a different trustee on the dais. (They are listed in order addressed below, with question number from the Google doc indicated where applicable)

1) 59. If our financial crisis was announced beyond the point of no return (for tuition to be implemented), then why wasn’t the community made aware of Cooper’s financial troubles sooner when other measures could have been taken?

2) 55. Are you considering charging tuition in one school and not another?

3) 39. Will you undertake a serious effort to identify and quantify what is the smallest  student, faculty and staff body possible that can be sustained financially without recourse to tuition? And then take the steps necessary to scale this institution down to that size? And if you cannot or will not, will you step down so others that are more capable and willing can steer the institution through these lean times?

4) 43.  I understand the board is making a decision about the future of the Institution later in March.  What are the options on the table?  What are you voting on?  

5) 85. What is the BOTs understanding of the Engineering Faculty’s position on tuition, and the status of the UTC report?
6) 26. How would changes to the full tuition scholarship and/or mission statement improve your ability to fundraise?
*There were a number of questions around fundraising and what efforts are being made now to ensure success with future donations. Is Cooper Union approaching "big" philanthropists?
7) 2. How large will the projected cuts be in the 2013-14 school year?

8) 2.a. *Will responding to future budget considerations* include salary cuts to faculty and/or administration.
9) *There were several questions posted about PILOT payments. It appears as though the community wants an understanding of the relationship between the Tax equivalency and PILOT. Can you explain the relationship?
10) Administrative vs. Academic Costs

11) 32. If one school were to stop admitting students and close up shop after graduating its remaining student body, would that be enough to save tuition-free education for the other two schools?
12) 54. What justification does the board have for reneging on their commitment to Early Decision students? And what assurance is there that they will honor future commitments they make? Why is there no communication from the board explaining what went into their decision?

13) 12. How can the Cooper Union community at large learn to love and trust one another again?
14) How can we build a greater bridge between the Board of Trustees and the Cooper Community?

At the end, questions from the floor were received. Paul Garrin A '82, Al Wald Eng '55, Dan Leonhart Eng '01, Victoria Bertotti A '82, Sim Blaustein ME '99, Kevin Slavin A ’95, Professors Maren Stange, Sonya Sayres, Atina Grossman, and current students took the opportunity to ask the trustees questions. The event concluded promptly after two hours of discussion.
The CUAA and the Board of Trustees are looking to hold another forum in the near future. If you would like more information about the forum, you may be interested in The Cooper Union Pioneer article which provides a summary of the evening. Have feedback you would like to share on the event? Contact us here.


Engineering Senior Electrical Engineering Final Project Presentations will be held on May 3, 2013. Alumni are invited to the presentations. Prior registration required. For more details, contact Professor Cumberbatch here.

The Cooper Motorsports Team will be racing car #063 in the FSAE competition beginning May 8, 2013 at the Michigan International Speedway. Learn more about the program here.

School of Art End of Year Shows: 
From March through mid-May, students from the School of Art will begin showcasing their work at the 41 Cooper Square Gallery and throughout the Foundation Building. Several of these exhibitions include Senior Presentations with open receptions to follow. Learn more about the exhibitions here. 


Mark your calendars! The classes of 1963, 1973, 1988, 2003 and 2008 are invited back to campus for a weekend of reconnecting with old friends and classmates. Check-in opens at 2 p.m. on Friday, May 31 and the weekend concludes mid-afternoon on Sunday, June 2. Some of the events include: Wine and Cheese Reception, Great Hall Ceremony and Presidential Address, Faculty-led tours of End of Year Show and Exhibitions, and a Reunion Dinner Cruise. Keep your eyes out for upcoming announcements, including online registration in early April. 

Professor Woods taught architecture at The Cooper Union for several decades. His career was filled with imaginative leaps through the concepts of space and form, exploring politics, society, ethics and the human condition. Woods believed passionately in the power of architecture to reflect as well as transform; to provoke and disrupt as well as make community.  Through an extraordinary corpus of exquisitely crafted drawings, three-dimensional installations, including his path-breaking exhibition at the School of Architecture in 2002 titled "The Storm," and over the last four years, through a supremely intelligent blog, Lebbeus constructed buildings, places, worlds, even galaxies of singular vision and reflection that have had a tremendous impact on the study and practice of architecture.  



San Diego: CU @ Georges at the Cove

Join fellow San Diego Cooper alumni, parents and friends for a reception at Georges at the Cove in LaJolla, Califronia with Jamshed Bharucha, President of The Cooper Union. Starts at 6:30 p.m. LEARN MORE


Los Angeles: CU @ Dodger Stadium

Join fellow Los Angeles area Cooper alumni, parents and friends and 2013 Honorary Alumnus, Dean Stephen P. Baker, Dean of Athletics and Associate Dean of Student Services as the Los Angeles Dodgers take on the Pittsburgh Pirates. Pre-game reception at Loge Terrace at 5:10 p.m.  LEARN MORE


San Francisco: CU @ AT&T PARK

Join fellow Northern California Cooper alumni, parents and friends and 2013 Honorary Alumnus, Dean Stephen P. Baker, Dean of Athletics and Associate Dean of Student Services as the World Champion San Francisco Giants take on the Colorado Rockies. Pre-game reception at  Pete's Tavern at 5:30 p.m.  LEARN MORE


Alumni Council Meeting

All alumni are welcome to attend the final CUAA Council meeting of the year in the Benjamin Menschel Boardroom at 41 Cooper Square. LEARN MORE


University Commencement

The 2013 commencement speaker will be New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Location: The Great Hall (invite only). LEARN MORE


On The Rooftop

Young alumni, classes of 2002-2012, are invited to join us as we welcome the Class of 2013 to The Cooper Union Alumni Association on the Alumni Roof Terrace at 41 Cooper Square. More information soon.


SKT Reunion 2013

For Cooper Alumni of all years. For more information, contact Barry Schechtman, EE '63

5/31/2013 - 6/2/2013

Reunion Weekend 2013

The classes of 1963, 1973, 1988, 2003 and 2008 are invited back to campus for a weekend of reconnecting with old friends and classmates. More information soon.



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