Alumni Council

Executive Committee (July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014)

The Executive Committee oversees the affairs of the Cooper Union Alumni Association in accordance with policies established by the Alumni Council.


President: John Leeper AR '85  
Vice President/Alumni Activities: Rocco Cetera CE '99
Vice President/Faculty and Student Liaison: Lawrence Hausman EE ’94
Secretary/Treasurer: Robert Tan AR '81
Past Presidents:
MaryAnn Nichols A '68
Peter Cafiero CE ’83 
Alumni Trustees:
Lee Skolnick AR '79 (Term ends September 2014)
Ray Falci ME '86 (Term ends September 2015)
Edgar Mokuvos EE ’78 (Term ends September 2016)
Kevin Slavin A '95 (Term ends September 2017)
Nominating Committee Chair: Karina Tipton CE '99
Annual Fund Committee Chair: Darrell Low EE '89

Alumni Council

The Alumni Council oversees the development and management of a broad range of programs, events and services that enable alumni to maintain strong relationships with their fellow alumni and with Cooper Union. They provide motivation and leadership to encourage strong financial support from alumni and recognize and promote the achievements of Cooper Union alumni who have excelled in their fields and in their commitment to the college.

The Alumni Council meets four times a year, and Council Members are encouraged to actively participate in alumni and college events, programs and committees.

Council 2014
Council 2015 Council 2016
Peter Ballman, AR'08
Jeff Bernstein CE ’05, MCE ’06
Victoria Lief Bertotti, A’82 
Mina Greenstein A’56
Dennis Kong IDE'08
Alexis Lenza CE’05
Peter Ross A’78
Diana Santos CE’04
Jennifer Collins A'93
Sean Cusack BSE’98
Janet Gardner A’65
Gary Kazin ChE’69
Scott Lyne ChE’92/MChE’95
Jeffrey Mah EE'04
Margaret Matz AR’83
Yash Risbud EE’92/MEE’94
Susan Shaw A’72
Kelly Smolar ME’07/MME’11
Rachel Whitlow A'94
Edward Abaid CE'76
Nicholas Agneta AR’80
Rachel Appel A’13
Xenia Diente A’99
Jason Paul Guzman A’00
Sangamithra Iyer CE’99
Edmundo Majchrzyk A’09
Karen Sandler BSE’97
Karina Tipton CE’99
Curtis Wayne AR’75
Alvin Wald EE'55
Kenny Yeung EE'94

Past Presidents
Past Alumni Trustees
Jacob Alspector AR '72
Carmi Bee AR'67
Don Blauweiss A'61
Michael Borkowsky ME'61
John Clarke AR'66
Susan Eisenberg CE'62
Mark Epstein A'76
Albert Greenberg A'48
Charles Morgan ME'68 
MaryAnn Nichols A'68
John Roswell ME'69
Peter Saltini AR'70
Carl Selinger CE'67
Don Toman EE' 55
Robert Wagner ME' 59
Willard Warren EE'50

Jacob Alspector AR '72
Arnold Arlow A'54
Philip Auerbach ME'51
Carmi Bee AR'67
Don Blauweiss A'61
Michael Borkowsky ME'61
John Clarke AR'66
Tom Driscoll ME'77
Ron Drucker CE'62
Susan Eisenberg CE'62
Mark Epstein A'76
Edward Feiner AR'69
Audrey Flack A'51
Leslie Gill AR'82
Albert Greenberg A'48
Alex Katz A'49
Roger Mosconi A'67
Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe A'75
Larry Ng EE'78
Peter Saltini AR'70
William Sandholm CE'63
Sandra Spaeth A'68
Roger Tucker III A'74
Anthony Tung AR'72
Willard Warren EE'50

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