Mission Statement
The Cooper Union Alumni Association (CUAA) provides a vital link between the alumni and the institution, building a strong body of support to preserve, protect and promote The Cooper Union.

  • Service to Alumni: Develop and manage a broad range of programs, events and services that foster career development among the alumni and enable alumni to maintain strong relationships with their fellow alumni and with the institution.
  • Service to the School: Engage the alumni in actively supporting the mission of the school by harnessing the skills, abilities and experiences of the alumni body for the benefit of The Cooper Union.
  • Financial Support of the School: Provide motivation and leadership that encourages strong financial support from alumni.
  • Recognition: Recognize and promote the achievements of its alumni and the institution to students, alumni and the external community to highlight the importance of The Cooper Union.
Key Strategies
  • Sponsor a year-round program of events and activities that encourages alumni participation.
  • Support a Class Representatives organization and regional chapters, where appropriate, to engage alumni throughout the country.
  • Maintain effective online and printed communications to facilitate contact between alumni, career networking and greater awareness of activities at The Cooper Union and the CUAA.
  • Provide awards and recognition to celebrate the professional achievements of the alumni.
  • Provide programs and services that assist alumni in meeting their career development needs.
  • Provide major contributions to the school's financial stability by allocating significant resources to support the Annual Fund and major capital needs.
  • Offer counseling on financial and tax strategies for donors and potential donors.
  • Engage alumni in efforts to secure corporate, foundation and non-alumni individual contributions.
  • Capitalize on the intellectual capabilities of alumni to assist in problem-solving and institutional development.
  • Continually evaluate its structure, programs and services to promote exceptional communication with alumni, ever-expanding inclusiveness and ongoing growth in Association capabilities.
  • Select alumni representatives to the Board of Trustees and faculty liaison committees.
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